Samstag, 17. November 2012

It's been a while since my last blogentry.
I just had a lot to do and haven't found much inspiring to me that I find inspirig to share.
Well... I regularly check out this blog and I think you should do, too.

I have just came across this interesting website:
Check it for yourselves, it is definitely worth a visit or two.

My band GETITDONE! had just put out a split 7" we have released on our own and a split CD (on Lunas Records from Istanbul) with Radical Noise from Turkey. This band is damn good and amazing dudes.
Check out their video here:
It has been edited by my friend Engin who will soon be living in Germany so let me know if you need professional videos for your band.

My friend Firat organized a pair of Fila Skeletoes for me for just 10€. 
These are barefoot running shoes similar to Vibram's fivefingers.
I got a few pairs of shoes that are very light racers, but this is the second time I have purchased barefoot alike shoes.
What can I say? I love running in these!!!
This pair costed only 10€ due to the german shoe shop Deichmann throwing these out of their roster.
Amazing shoe, your feet get wet, and it is a tight and flexible feeling, still I felt safe.

Lately I have made pizzadough on my own out of memory without a scale or anything.
I took these ingredients: 

wholegrain spelt flour, wheat flour, salt, agave nectar, oliveoil, 2 portions of yeast, wheat germs, soyflour, warm water

Knead the ingredients for a while until the dough is just fine. Then leave it in the bowl under a piece of cloth for like 30 min.
Then preheat the oven, form the dough and put the dough in the oven before putting the stuff you want to have on your pizza. So the dough becomes more solid.
Then put whatever you like on to and wait the few minutes until it is ready.

A few times I only added garlicoil and tomatoes on it and added salt and pepper later on. Delicious.
I have also baked this bread.
It is totally tasty, healthy and fits to sweet and salty spreads.
The dough can also be put in the freezer and used whenever needed.

Training Oct. 17th - November 17th:
17th: 34 min Yoga in the morning, 14,5 km running incl. 4x1km fast at ca. 3.50min/km, later 17 min stretchyoga
18th: 10 min mixed exercises to warm up, later on a few exercises with Thera bands but resting apart from this.
19th: 2x 20 min running, later 2.5km swimming incl. 5x100m fast
20th: 105km cycling incl. 2 flat tyres :-(
21st: 14km running incl. 5x1km at 3.50-3.40min/km around lakes in Duisburg, later stretch Yoga
22nd: Restday
23rd: 30 min strength and stability, 55min indoor cycling, 30 min strength and stability exercises
24th: 1.30h relaxed running
25th: 1h cycling on fitnessbike
26th: 1h cycling on fitnessbike
27th: 2.5km swimming, later 45 min running incl. 3 sprints
28th: 18 min Yoga, 12km running incl. 3x 10 squats, then sprints, 6x1km fast at ca. 3.40min/km
29th: 45 min easy running
30th: 1h strength exercises, 1h fitnessbike
31st: 8,5km running incl. 4x 1km fast at 3.40 min/km
Nov 1st: 15 min Yoga in the morning 30 min Yoga in the evening
2nd: 55 min swimming
3rd: "funrun" in Oberhausen. I only partook in 3 laps: 1* 2,6km (6.30min/km), 1* 2,6km (4.15min/km), 1* 2,6km (3.30min/km), went climbing in the evening
4th: 1,6km running to warm up, then 800m fast, 10km race at the st. martinilauf in Herne in 39.00
5th: Restday
6th: 30 min strength, 52 min inddor cycling, a few more strength exercises
7th: 50 min running incl. stairs, jumps, etc. with my Fila Skeletoes
8th: 1.20h cycling on fitnessbike, incl. Intervals
9th: 2.4km swimming
10th: 1h cycling and 25 min mixed exercises with kettlebell, swissball, rope and dumbbell
11th: 35 min running, later 15 min fitnessbike, then 32 km cycling very easy with my uncle
12th: 2.1km swimming
13th: Restday... too much work
14th: 35 min runnin, 70 min cycling on fitnessbike, 10 min strength exercises
15th: Restday... too much work again
16th: 1h cycling + 1 h swimming
17th: 2h cycling on fitnessbike