Montag, 30. Januar 2012

Super swimming goggle on discount tomorrow/ Training Jan 16th - 22nd (Barcelona weekend)

Tomorrow (Jan 31st) you gotta check sportshop-triathlon to getawesome approved by myself swimming goggles for cheap. This is how they look

and I can tell that they are high in quality and long lasting goggles.

Jan 16th:  Did 55min on a treadmill incl. 3 sprints
Jan 17th: 2.5km swimming in the morning (7-8), in the evening running 1.15h
Jan 18th: 30 minutes workout for muscles, 55 min (power) indoor cycling, 15 min running (of which 10 pretty fast), 5 min rowing
Jan 19th: 2.8km swimming at the Hallenbad Oberhausen in the late evening (8-9)
Jan 20th: Arriving in Barcelona. Went to Maoz for a falafel at first. Later on we went to the Catbar, which is another all vegan restaurant. Attending the first day of the festival my band is flying over for. Running back into the city at night (after 12) at 10-2 degrees C. to meet up with the rest of the pack. Awesome 1.20h run (not the shortest way).
Jan 21st: Visiting Montserrat in the mountains near Barcelona. Going there by train, then up to the monastery by cable car. Beautyful and mysterious place. I think everyone should go there once in his lifetime! Awesome for hiking, climbing and even running, special for nature wildlife (my friends have seen wild pigs and eagles the day before). Me and my girlfriend just went hinking a little and on the way back to the cable car station I went a little faster than her to have time to do a few short uphill runs. These 5 short (20-50 seconds) runs made my muscles sore. Before goin to the venue I have introduced Orxata to my girlfriend which is a milk of tigernuts. Got it from the Valenciana or go here:
 You should def. try Orxata (catalan) or Horchata (spanish) con limona ... (something with lemonstuff).
Later this evening we got to the venue where we had to play the show. It was a nice venue with amazing people, awesome crowd reaction, good hangouts, nice other bands (Assac, Col-lapse, Truth through fight, Absurdo, etc.) and an intense aftershow party. Spanish people party hard!
Video to the coversong we played  This guy also has loads of videos of the festival.
Again in bed very late (4 o'clock), but up at 10 to get to the famous labyrinth in Horta with my friends Gabi and Lubia. Found out about a velodrome and swimming pool next to the park. On the agenda for my next visit to BCN in april. After this hitting the city to eat some delicious meal at Gopal and meet the others. Then off to the airport and germany again. It's a pity we missed Gelaaati this time. They offer great vegan choices of icecream (although I haven't found it on their website, but they do have quite a few, for instance ricemilk chocolate).

Labyrinth in Horta
Cable car towards to old monastery on Montserrat

The black Madonna (La Moreneta) of Montserrat

Healthy Breakfast (s)

Woke up and wanted to eat müsli.
I took a wholegrain-spelt-berry-müsli and added mixed sprouts, a large pinch of macapowder, gojiberries, frozen berries and wheat germs. This nice müsli mix served with cool soymilk made my breakfast.

Germans get your wheat germs from DM. It's dirtcheap!

0,89 cents at Kaufland right now.

Around noon I hadmy 2nd breakfast (I am not a hobbit, just very hungry at times) ate the ricepudding my daughter cooked and added cinnamon and agavenectar.

On my way down to cologne I ate 2 rye breadrolls with nougat spread on it.

Dienstag, 24. Januar 2012

Training Jan 8th- 15th

Jan 8th: Last day without work. I went on my bike early in the morning for a 2.8km swim training.
After that my girlfriend wanted to go to a flea market and so we did. Her on a bike and me running (and in running gear). Just 8km forth and back, but nice. Bought some sportswear there, like a windbreaker vest and some stuff for my uncle (bikeshirt, running shirt, running cap) for very reasonable prices. Also met a friend there who started running a little more than a year ago and had a good talk.

Jan 9th: First day of work after Christmas break. Took a day off and just did power and stretch Yoga for 45 min. Regenerate!

Jan 10th.: Pretty diverse training this day. Did 2.8km swimming from 7-8 in the morning. Ran with my class for an hour without stopping to approve for some sort of running badge/insignia. This was very slow but a nice thing to do. Had a rehearsal with the band and also did almost 20 minutes of working out there.

Jan 11th: Not very spectacular: 40 min. cycling, then 18 minutes running in the gym.

Jan 12th: Did 2h of indoorcycling at the gym. Nice but exhausting!

Jan 13th: 2.8km swimming at the SGZ Altenessen through little kids learning to swim and old people from an aquagymnastics course. Felt like running hurdles in water. At least the sauna was nice there. Did 35 min of workout at home in the evening.

Jan 14th: Did an early morning run of 50 minutes before picking up new tyres for my car. In the afternoon I went on my bike to the gym (9km), did 1.20h indoor cycling, did chestpresses and went 9km back home on the bike. Felt awesome!

Jan 15th: Went climbing at Neoliet in Mülheim again with my cousine, daughter and friend. My friend, who climbed a wall for his first time ever, climbed better than me....

In the evening I went on my fitnessbike for an hour.

Sonntag, 15. Januar 2012

First week of the new year = loads of early morning swims

If you want to burn fat (to lose weight or to increase your endurance) you can just easily do sports early in the morning, before the breakfast. Just drink ca. 400 ml of applejuice-water mix and then do sports. This way your body starts to use the energy from the carbohydrates of the juice and then burns fat. This is also good for people that want to do long endurance races (halfmarathon/marathon/halfironman/ironman).
If you don't eat/drink carbohydrates before the workout your body will start burning proteins stored in your muscles.
Jan. 1st: Did a kettlebell workout 3 times after finding this online: Click here!
Ran 5km very slowly in the evening with my girlfriend incl. some sprints and running exercises.

Jan 2nd: 1h indoor cycling then 35 min on a fitnessbike

Jan 3rd: At 6.33 am on my bike to the swimming pool. Swam 3.6km there, cycled back home, and had breakfast. Went 14km running incl. 3 sprints in the afternoon.

Jan. 4th: Again on my bike very early and finished swimming 2.6km at 9, brought breadrolls home for breakfast, ate with my girls and met with my training buddy at 11. Went running quite fastly for 24km, but I felt really tired after 21km. After 19 I had this snack 

which you can order from

Jan. 5th: Needed a little break from training due to yesterdays run. So I just did a mixed workout that also trained cardio. Kettlebell, dumbbell, swissball, thera bands. If you want to gain strength and get fit, do a workout that trains strength and cardio. As a sideeffect you will build your muscles way more defined due to lesser percentage of body fat through training your whole body and cardio.

Jan 6th: Went on my bike early in the morning again to go swimming (2.6km) and did a 55 min bycicle ride on my fitnessbike. I did a couple of highintensiv intervalls (6 times different duration and different repetitions).
Went off to meet my old colleagues from teaching class and convinced them to eat more raw veggie food. They have tried these fine vegan Schnitzel  and want to celebrate a vegan feast next year! Nice! Always let your friends try as much as you can. If they get turned off, alright, but if they like this stuff there is a chance they will decrease their meat consumption through supplementing with tasteful and healthy vegan stuff.

Jan 7th: Went to my gym for an hour of indoor cycling with my girlfriend. Then I went on the fitnessbike for one more hour, then 10 minutes of fast running on a tradmill and then 5 min rowing. That was it, off to the sauna!

So yeah... burn fat:
- Use your bike more often (I went to the swimming pool on my bike each morning)
- Do sports before breakfast after a fruit juice spritzer
- Don't forget your cardiosystem when working on your strength.

Sonntag, 8. Januar 2012

Putting up a SXE HC show in Oberhausen

It is about time for me to set up a show again.
Here's the flyer:

Both bands are Straight Edge bands. My band has put the demo online for free download:
Download demo here! Enjoy! Inherit is my friend Adam Maliks band, I have seen them live in Nottingham in November and they ruled and Adam can be really inspiring on stage so you should mos def check these dudes out:  Inherit website

The venue is really close to Kaufland, where you can get choices of vegan ice cream:

Gotta post about my training this week pretty soon, but here's some important stuff for recovery:
This is a picture of a recovery snack I had after coming back from swimming early in the morning.
Beans on toast, covered with mixed sprouts and wheat germs.

wheat germs, mulberry syrup, wheat sprouts, soy protein powder, maca, apple juice (freshly squeezed), maple syrup, soymilk, agave nectar, banana and kiwi (not in picture)
These are the ingredients of a recovery drink you can on the picture of the beans on toast. All done within a few minutes but very healthy!

Sonntag, 1. Januar 2012

After Christmas days: getting back into training

I still had the Donauwelle here and ate pieces of this every morning for breakfast until the 28th.
On the 27th I wanted to go running, but it turned out we went to the gym, where I did 30 min of exercises for strength and then 30 minutes running in neoprene socks on a treadmill. I felt a blister after 17 min already, but wanted to finish 30 min of running. After the 30 min I went rowing for 10 minutes and then 20 minutes really fast on a fitness bike. So 1h cardio in total and very diverse. My feet hurt a little.
The other day my training buddy wanted to run ca. 20 km, but I didn't know if I was ready to go due to the blisters.
I was afraid of not being able to run so I went swimming first and did 3.6km at the Aquapark in Oberhausen around noon.
At 16.00h met up with my budy to run, but I only did ca. 13km, but went to the meeting point by bike again. I was pretty tired in the evening. Day in total: 8km cycling, 13 km running, 3.6km swimming. Needed to do Yoga in the evening and used this DVD which I got for Christmas:
29th December: Still pretty tired from lasts days workout. Wanted to go the gym again after helping a friend moving (loads of stairs up and down). Did one hour of Iron System workout there for the first time. During training my muscles felt sore a couple of times.
After Iron System I went to the Cycling course for one hour.
On the next morning my alarm clock woke me up at 6.17h in the morning. I was lying in bed unsure if I should get up that early to go swimming. At 6.33h I sat on my bike on my way to the pool. I swam 2.4km, shopped a few things afterwards and got home to have breakfast.
A guy came to tune our new purchased piano.
At 15.00h we met at the climbing gym "Neoliet" in Mülheim. It was my daughters first time climbing and she did very well. I still have to fight with 6+ routes. 5- I have done a couple so far. My daughter did a couple of 3 and 3+ routes.Luckily they even have vegan climbing shoes for rent there.
My daughter climbing up and me safeguarding
Felt my leg muscles in the evening and also shoulder and back muscles the other morning.
Had to wake up early again to meet with my students for the "Herner Silvesterlauf" at the Gysenbergpark. Since we are the current titleholder of primary schools with most kids finishing the race we had to go there again. We also wanted to win the donation for the winner again. Kids had fun, one of my students places first in his agegroup, the parents liked it and we placed 2nd and still got some money for our school. Good day! We didn't want to stay there too long due to my daughter feeling bad, so I only did the 5km run. My first ever 5km run. Placed 6th and first in my agegroup. Time: 18:53. Was alright, considering my muscles were already sore, when I ran with the kids before my run. Total muscle soreness this evening!!! Loads of stretching to be done!