Donnerstag, 29. September 2011

CIV shows

Yoyo... tapering time! Not much training before the marathon this weekend. I hope I will still get a slot...
anyways... went running for 48 minutes in Cologne yesterday before my band "Get It Done!" had to play a show with my teenie heroes "CIV" (ex-Gorilla Biscuits, Quicksand, etc.).
The show was pretty overwhelming, we had talks about vegan food at shows in Germany and abandoned cats.
After this intense show, me and Firat (our guitar player) decided we wanted to see CIV again tonight in Belgium.
So I got home, cooked some Ratatouille made of onions, fennel, zucchini and tomatoes. In the meantime I have made a shake consisting of bananas, kiwis, maca powder, red fruit juice (blend of some red fruits), mulberry syrup, agave nectar and soy milk). I was so full I didn't even want to eat the pasta, ratatouile and steaklis. Right after cooking the postman brought my new running shoes . Having these on my feet I just did a 30 min. run incl. 3 sprints and now I am about to get ready to dance, mosh and stagedive in Antwerp!

Dienstag, 27. September 2011

Starting the week

After the saturday and sunday runs/cycling I didn't do much on monday but 40 minutes of toning and stretch Yoga. Finally I could lift my whole body on my two hands in 2 different positions again! Yeah!

Since my Vitamin B12 level was very low last month my doctor advised me to inject B12 and then supplement it more regularly as nugget or liquid. I would suggest anyone who lives vegan for some more years to check your B12 level and supplement if necessary. Higher Iron and B12 levels are helpful for endurance sports, so to increase power you need to do something about it. In the evening I had to do the procedure of injecting myself again and it is not a problem at all anymore, opposingly to the first time I ever did it myself. I had to lay down in bed for a few minutes and kept on sweating. haha!?!

Today I swam 2.3km in the morning from 7 to 7.50 before heading to school. Sports in the morning is pretty refreshing. Too bad I am only able to do it once a week.
Bought some different tasty vegan icecream at Kaufland. If you live in Germany, check Kaufland!
I might be going to do a run for about an hour in a few minutes. 15 min warm up, 15 min marathon pace, 15-30min cooling down. Good night!
If you are german and need to read a little before sleeping:

Sonntag, 25. September 2011

Seize life, enjoy the sun

So this week is going to have loads of hours of sunshine (down here in the west of germany).
Just move your ass out and enjoy the last warm and sunny days of the year! Workout outside, get a tan and get fit!
This weekend was awesome! Didn't do much on friday but gave my body a little rest. Had a nice breakfast with 3 girls on saturday morning before I went off to run 115 min incl. 90 minutes at estimated Marathon pace (ca. 3.10h for the 42 km). 26 km in total. Then my daughter had a Badminton game 40km away so I figured I could go there by bike. Due to being invited to a party afterwards and having to unload my van, I came to the conclusion of not cycling the whole distance but a shorter part of it. Without the exact adress I haven't matched the badminton gym. So I missed my daughter first two games she won, but watched the rest of it and her team winning. After that I wrote back to the place where I left my van. It turned out to be 51km cycling. So running and cycling this day was cool. Enough kilometres and nice weather. Then off to a birthday party, partying til 4, driving down towards Cologne to sleep there. I cannot drive well at nights so I had to sleep somewhere in Wutal in the van and went further in the morning. Got to cologne around 9, slept a little, had breakfast (Thanks, Britta for the scrambled Tofu!), slept some more and went to the fleamarket at "Feuerwache". Bought an "Echo and the Bunnymen" LP and a Joy Division double LP. Then I met up with my trainingpartner Jasmin to train for the Marathon. We went running along the beautiful Rhine with sunshine and nice talks for almost 2 hours including a little stop to dive into the Rhine! Jasmin fed me the "Vega"-Shake ( by Brendan Brazier and some other good stuff (Thanks, Jasmin!) and then I went back to get fed some pasta at my friends place. Damn... I will miss summer so hard!

Freitag, 23. September 2011

Beach workout

I love working out on the beach as seen here in St. Christina (Lloret de Mar/ Costa Brava):
I did a 3 sets of a workout with my own body weight only plus some exercises with a Thera Band.
Before the first set and after each set I went swimming into the sea for around 10 minutes.
The whole workout lasted ca. 2 hours. Then I tried to chill a little, we took some photos up on the church above the beach and later I went back to Barcelona on my roadbike and due to the traffic I made it there earlier than my friends with my van. It was 70 km along the coast. My average speed was 34 km/h, because I happened to meet a fellow cyclist after two km and together we went down towards Barcelona. Sucha  great day! Later on we went having dinner with 20 of my friends from BCN, Russia, Norway, England and Germany. We have ordered vegan sushi and rice with veggies at some japanese take away in Gracia! It was amazing! Luckily some other dude couldn't eat his whole portion so I got some more stuff to reload carbohydrates and get some protein.

Training this week.

So it was my daughters birthday today. I only did a little less than an hour of pushups, situps, weight lifting, dips, jumps, etc.
Yesterday I went swimming in an indoor pool for 2.5 km.
On wednesday I went running for 13 km in 70 minutes includingly 3 short sprints.
On tuesday in the morning I did an hour of power workout. In  the evening I went running for 23 km in total. 15 minutes warming up, 75 minutes at estimated marathon pace, 15 minutes cooling down. Then Yoga before going to bed.
Monday: running for half an hour.
Sunday: 2h hours of cycling in the grapevinehills from Saulheim to Bad Kreuznach.
Saturday: 80 Minutes of running incl. some intervalls with my daughter on the bike along the Rhine in Mainz (Mogontiacum as the Romans used to call it).

Tomorrow I gotta run 110 minutes incl. 90 minute running at the marathon pace. So better get to bed now!
Hopefully my new running shoes will get here before I leave :

Starting this blog

Why do I finally start writing a blog?
Because I think that communication can inspire. I might be able to spread my ideas and outlook on life to persons totally unknown. They might have a similar mindset or I might just show my totally different way I am living life.
I do live vegan for 15 years now and I am feeling stronger than ever before. I want you to feel and get healthy and strong, too. Everybody can get healthier and more vital with just a few improvements on life.
First off: Base your nutrition on plants, eat more foods raw, workout at least 3 times a week.
Plan the 3 workouts and write them down in your agenda!