Samstag, 21. September 2013

Pics Vegan Summer Day Leipzig/ Aftershow workout with Get It Done!/ Veganism in Mexico

It has been a long time since my last real halfmarathon. So I am gonna do one tomorrow:

Lauf um den Fühlinger See

So the Vegan Summer Day in Leipzig had been a real nice event. Just upon arrival we set up the backline for our concert and in the meantime me and Rene have been interviewed about sports and vegan nutrition. Then we played our set with Get It Done! and it felt really strange to see all these people so far away. But since my old band Black Friday'29 broke up I got used to playing shows with less people upfront. Still it feels strange when people only watch a show and don't partake a single bit.
Anyways... I have also been interviewed for a local radio show and finally met my friend Björn Moschinski again, who was supposed to do a cooking show later on. We will also both partake at the Veggiefest in Solingen on Oct. 5th.
While we were trying to sell a little merchandise after our gig, he just sold book after book or had to sign books. I had also watched Asthma la vista, which is a vegan Hiphop-Band and I really enjoyed their set. Sounded fresh, nice rhythms and no sexist bullshit attitude. Thanks to my daughter for playing so much Hiphop at home I finally get somewhat into that music.

Get It Done! on stage

Getting interviewed
Aftershow workout Magdeburg
Later I tried a vegan Döner and fajitas there. Both very good, but from differentcompanies and I cannot recall the names.

The day before Get It Done! had played Magdeburg. The show was not too special due to less people there, but the promoters were nice and we had our fun. We started off with playing table tennis halfnaked and then lifted weigths and chinned the bars. It was hilarious, but much fun!

In August I had spent two weeks in Mexico on Yucatan. On the first day I had met a fellow triathlete who I joined for a swimming session. Later on I met an english couple at the gym who both do triathlon. Of course I went running on the beach, cycled on the spinning bikes and swim either in one of the pools or the ocean. I was lucky I could continue training as my training plan demanded.
But we also took the time to go snorkeling, visiting pyramids and sacred maya places, Cancun city and Vegan Planet (surely on of the best vegan restaurants in the world!).
Me and some dudes from Israel that we met on one of our trips. This was taken on the top of the big pyramid of Coba.

Me and Britta snorkeling at the island of Cozumel.
Mexico is definitely worth a trip. Saw pyramids (in Tulum, Coba and Chichen Itza), maya villages, the famous sinkholes called Cenotes, an alligator, coatis, capibaras, crabs, iguanos and so many animals. One night I ran the around the hotel site and met a bird-eating spider. It stayed on the street and so I tried to make her leave the street by stomping near it. The next day I couldn't open my right eye. Two weeks later we found out that the spider might have shot some hair towards my legs and I might have wiped these away with my hands and eventually touched my eyes. So well... the spider was not nice afterI tried to recue it, but the people there are nice and helpful.
BUT watch out! Most of the bread in Mexico is not vegan. Many pastas are not vegan, our hotel didn't have any plantbased milk and no vegan soup (the Walmart didn't have vegan soup either). So I stuck with salads and fruits for like 70% of my meals which did really good to my digestion. :-)

Sonntag, 8. September 2013