Freitag, 24. Februar 2012

Tomorrow HHF Showcase in Belgium/ Training from Feb 11th- 20th

Tomorrow I will be at the HHF Showcase at the JC Wilrijk near Antwerp/ Belgium.
My band will play and I also help setting up the merchbooth for the HHF.
If you got time, take a few minutes and read through our website, to see what it is about.
It's a for good causes, done by volunteers only, with heart and soul and a big hardcore edge!
Our stagetime is around 14.00, so get there early. I might just go running after our set to fulfill my training schedule for this week.

Training February 11th: Competed in a race (OTVMeile) in my hometown. 10km: 39.10min. Not a new personal best, but alright. Went to the sauna with my fellow Veggie Athlete Chris and then climbing at the new Neoliet Indoor Climbing center in Essen.
12th: 35min easy running, 1h on the fitnessbike in the evening.
13th: Regeneration: Just played a show in my hometown with my friends band INHERIT from London.
14th: Did 70 min of working out and went running for almost an hour, up a hill in my new trail shoes from innov8. Highly recommended!
Innov8 X-Talon (lightweight trail freerun shoe)
 15th: 3km of swimming, Yogastretch at home in the evening.
16th: 60 min running in Herne through the Gysenbergpark.
17th: 1.50h indoor cycling at my gym, later 2.8 km swimming with my teammates in the swimming pool in Oberhausen-Sterkrade.
18th:1h of workout with own weight and Thera bands.
19th: Went to Saulheim to visit my uncle. Ran 1.20h in the grapevine hills south of Mainz (Rheinhessen). Nice! Saw many deers.
20th: Ran 30 min really early in the grapevine hills again and saw deers again and birds of prey. This is another point why I love running. You gotta see and feel nature! The elements but also living creatures that many people never see in their real life. Went so the castle of Alzey and the ruins of the castellum of antique Alteium.
Alzey Castle: my daughter, little cousin and girlfriend

Not much to be seen of the old Alteium Castle. Still a nice walk.
Grapevine hills near Saulheim
Back to Oberhausen in the afternoon.

Competitions I might partake in 2012:
18.3. probably Dinslaken City Run
22.4. Big HM in Herne, but just supporting my kids running the relay or Bleilochlauf in Kloster on the 21.4. 
16.6. Ultrakurz Triathlon Herne
I will start for the SV Sterkrade Nord this year. 
These Triathlons I might do for the team:
 02.06.2012 Lüdenscheid - S -
17.06.2012 Kamen - K -
24.06.2012 Altena - K -
18.08.2012 Hückeswagen - S

My ultimate challenge this year:
Sept. 2nd: Ironman distance in Cologne

Donnerstag, 16. Februar 2012

My favorite breakfast

Due to followers asking for my nutrition I want to post what I usually eat/snack after getting up:

Mostly I just mix soymilk with juice (grapewinejuice is awesome, others work, too) and wheatgerms plus a pinch of maca.

 Gives me enough energy until ten. Then I usually eat wholegrain bread with vegan spreads and a little later I eat loads of fruits. In the winter time I buy a shitload of bloodoranges and eat these every day.
Not long ago by coincidence I have discovered this:

baby "porridge"
 It basically is babyfood. But it is organically grown, very easy to digest and therefore not bad before workouts and rich in carbohydrates and nutrient dense. I normally add agave nectar, oatflakes and wheat germs.
agave nectar
wheat germs

Right before running today I had this spelt "porridge" (but it is softer then porridge) with agave nectar and a banana. I guess apples are also nice to add.

Found this interesting link for spanish and english speaking vegans that want to visit germany: vegan-tourist-guide-to-germany

Here's a link to a fellow vegan runner called Jan-Albert Veenema from the netherlands. Personal best for a marathon under 3 hours!

Mittwoch, 15. Februar 2012

Parallel Existence Training Feb. 1st to 10th

A fat, buzz-cut woman in front of me at the cash desk. Buying two sausages in a tin foil as a snack during her break at the instore bakery. Disgusting meal, disgusting woman.

Her smalltalking to the woman behind the cashdesk about how fucked up work is.
The cashier complains about headache and her pills which are in the office, so unreachable as of now.
The ugly sausageman has pills onhand and nicely offers to share these with the cashier.

Why don't you get it? Neither this shitty piece of cheap meat will make you healthy, nor your pills will cure any diseases, but just rob the natural pain of an (unnatural) disease. These were my thoughts. But will these people ever change?

Sidenote: Yep, unnatural disease, I suppose. For 15 years now I haven't had any headache.

Stop eating meat, get healthy and fit!
Lose weight, get a haircut, become happy and positive and therefore more beautiful. Will she ever get a tip like this? Would she even care?

Proud and happy of living a parallel existence.

Training  February 1st to 10th
1st: 2 hours indoor cycling in my gym
2nd: 46 min running
3rd: 1 hour indoor cycling, then exercises that train cardio and strength for 50 min (jumps, weightlifting, etc), then 5min cooldown running in the treadmill.
4th: 2.8km swimming, then a show with my band "Get It Done" in the evening at the Cafe Nova in Essen.
5th:  Indoor Trail Run in Dortmund. I took 3 kids from my school with me for this experience. They could climb, ride kettcars and also run the trail. I did one lap for warming up, then intended to run ten laps (12 km), but must have ran 11 or 12 laps. It was nice, but hard to count all these little laps. Found the rubber bands to count the laps after the run.

6th: warmed up for ca. 10 minutes (treadmill, crosstrainer, rowboat machine) and did mixed exercises for 50 minutes, then SAUNA! RELAX!
7th: 2.8km Swimming in the early morning (Aquapark Oberhausen)
8th: 30 min running in different paces on the treadmill, then 1h indoor cycling
9th: 74 min running incl. 3 sprints and some running exercises. Exercises with own body weight and the crate of beer of the other band in our rehearsal room.
10th: Lifting weights in the gym, 2.8km swimming in the evening in our clubs swimming pool in Oberhausen-Sterkrade. Annika Vössing, the European Youth Triathlon Champion also trains there at the same time. Nice to watch her training.

Sonntag, 5. Februar 2012

Vote for the best german vegan cookbook/Training Jan 23rd- 31st

There's loads of good vegan cookbooks around lately. You are able to chose the best german one here.
The one from the Oxfanzine is a cookbook (called Ox-Kochbuch) me and my girlfriend have contributed a few recipes.
"Vegan guerilla" is a cookbook by a fellow blogger.
Another one is called "Vegan-lecker, lecker"and compiled by a fellow triathlete Marc Pierschel who also runs "Roots of compassion".
And then there's also the book written by my friend Björn Moschinski called "Vegan kochen für alle".
So well... I have plenty of reasons for this book or another. Decide for yourself!

Jan 23rd: Went indoor cycling for one hour and lifted weights, did some exercises for 30 min.
Jan 24th: It was really cold, so I have decided to sit on my fitnessbike for 1.10h
Jan 25th: Went swimming 2.5km, due to bike problems I had to run home after spreading flyers for my show with 10kg extraweight on my shoulders. 25 min running
Jan 26th: Went on a 14km run with my buddy
Jan 27th: Did some serious weightlifting and exercises for 1.20h in the gym in the afternoon and went swimming in the evening with my triathlon club.
Jan 28th: Ran almost 14km incl. 8 sprints of about 70 meters. Total 65 min.
Jan 29th: Ran ca. 12km with my friend Jasmin in Cologne along the Rhine, afterwards 1km swimming in the new swimming pool which also has an ice skating lane above the pools.
Jan 30th: Regeneration: Just some power and stretch yoga. Relax!
Jan 31st: 2.5km of swimming int he morning. 12km of running in the evening and then 30 min workout at home.