Donnerstag, 26. April 2012

Show, Link, Bleilochlauf

So this is the next HC show that I am putting up.

Apart from this I have enjoyed reading this inspiring and nice blog, which also deals with nutrition and sports, but only in german, sorry!
Apart from that I have placed third at the Bleilochlauf in Saalburg-Kloster in Thuringia. It is a challenging 24km run with about 17km of trails and some elevation difference. My bro Seb thought it was too much climbing. Last year I have placed second, but this year I was 2.20 min faster. It is a real nice run and always awesome to hang out there with my fave dudes from the Team Iron Mind. I have also driven there with my fellow vegan runner Jan-Albert Veenema and his girlfriend Tessa (who placed 3rd woman on 12km!!!). He brought me some sportsfood and the gel and bar really tasted amazing! Too bad he broke his foot a couple of weeks ago and couldn't run himself. Good for me though. If he had competed I would probably have not placed third, but fourth ;-)

We had 4 cakes, thanks to Tobi and Freddy!!!
I have placed 3rd!
 After the run we have basically chilled out with soup, cakes and a little nap in the boat "Helga".
"Helga" was our mainbase. We slept and ate there and sorted our equipment in there. Nice!
Training April 5th (Still in France)- 15th
5th: I ran with Hagen for 20 min, then we grabbed bikes and went quickly to the boucherie. I have climbed 4 routes and we ran back from the rocks to our guesthouse (37min).
6th: Just 25min running, then cycling to the bakery in the morning and only climing afterwards, nothing else!
7th: Got back home so I have cycled 70 min on my fitnessbike incl. endurance strength
8th: Ran 24km around Langenfeld in 103min incl. 83 min at halfmarathon pace.
9th: Regeneration
10th: 2.8km swimming in the morning, cycling to the gym, 30 min workout, 2h fitnessbike, Sauna and back home on the bike
11th: 3.1km swimming in the morning. Short 13 min run instead of aiting in front of the indoor climbing centre "Bergwerk" in Dortmund. Climbed there and went to the Sauna which is included there afterwards.
12th: swimming 3km, 62 min easy running in the evening.
13th: 3km swimming in the morning
14th: Cycling with Teammate Florian towards Wuppertal to take photos for team. Pretty hard cycling to Wu-Tal fourth and back. It is very hilly!
15th: 80 min running incl. 3 sprints and some exercises.
16th: running ca. 10km and got my  lactat levels tested.
17th: 3km swimming, 40 min kettlebellworkout, 40 min of Yoga

Montag, 16. April 2012

Meeting a positively crazy dude during swim training/ Climbing (and running) in the Ardeche/France/ List of vegan climbing shoes

Meeting a positively crazy dude during swim training/ Climbing (and running) in the Ardeche/France/ New TV show appearance with Björn Moschinski

I had to hurry up with training this week since I knew I was neither going to ride my bike nor to swim so I wanted to have the bike sessions done at least, before leaving for rock climbing in the Ardeche/France.
So well... my last swim training took place on Friday 31st. I went to the Südpool in Herne directly after school. I have seen another dude training real hard. He looked a lot like a triathlete (trained body and tanned) so we started talking. He told me he will start off this season with an Ironman 70.3 (half the Ironman distance) and do 3 full Ironman challenges throughout the year. Crazy dude! I have also discovered something on his upper chest that looked like a broken bone at first sight. Later on he told me he has a (hartpacemaker) but he also had a chemotherapy but finished an Ironman a couple of months later. Real crazy dude... but much respect for his motivation and eagerness from my side!

So on Friday evening I got picked up by a van packed full of teachers that want to complete the teachers qualification for climbing and this time in the Ardeche in France, outside on real rocks. It has been a nice overnight drive and I didn’t have to drive until 8 in the morning, so I just drove the last hour and went running directly until the other van arrived. I just went up the long road to our guest house La Residence du Chassezac and turned around after 25 min. A few minutes later the other van overtook me and offered to take me to the house but I just ran back. 50 min in total, pretty nice for a morning run in the sun.
Little swimming session
Le Chassezac captured from the rocks.
So this was our first day!
Then we had breakfast and afterwards went to our first rock climbing session. Amazing view from the rocks onto the river “Chassezac”. Around twenty degrees and we’re sliding down the rope towards the bank of the river. Yes! Afterwards me and 2 others went back by feet. We went through the river (it is not deep at all) and climbed up to the pension. I unintentionally slided down three times and got scratches on my belly and arms. We did a few exercises after that and then cleaned ourselves in the pool (cold, cold pool!).

The cold pool.


Right before the first abseiling on the first day.

Climbing up

Heavy route

The bible of climbing in the Ardeche Region
So the following week I was experiencing beautiful nature, breathing clean air, listening to creeks and rivers, discovering several different birds of prey and climbing, climbing, climbing! The Ardeche is just beautiful for outdoor sports. Many people do kanooing, climbing, cycling or walking and there are many camping sites. We were lucky that the weather stayed very nice. We had more than 20 degrees Celsius on the first three days and did our run back to the apartment topless (the other two sport nerds and me).
Many germans were there and also many families spent their vacation like this. In April it is still affordable and not too busy. The temperature is also mild, which benefits outdoor sports.

Training March 27th-April 4th
27th: swimming 3km in the morning and cycling 81km with my mate Florian in the evening
28th: 1h running, nothing special
29th: 65 min cycling on my fitnessbike for strength endurance
30th: 70 min running incl. 3 sprints
31st: 3km swimming and meeting the (posi) crazy triathlete
April 1st: 50 min running in Maisonneuve in the morning, climbing in front of the camping site (Mazet Plage), back to our guesthouse running and with backpack on. Then stretch and toning Yoga outside in the garden as the sun set. Awesome!
2nd: 80 min running searching for the bakery and finding this nice castle, climbing and then again 25 min running back, exercises outside
3rd: 35 min running, climbing, 35 min running back home and through Chandolas.
4th: 18min cycling really fast to the bakery, then climbing in Chauzet and riding the mountainbike back from Chauzon to Maison Neuve. Beautiful villages on the route! Awesome! Then we went running with 3 guys to the other bakery and did several speedups. We did 8,7km in 41min and did exercises after this again before jumping in to the pool.

Here's a little list of leatherfree and vegan climbing shoes:
German list but the brand names can be read in every language ;-)