Dienstag, 29. Oktober 2013

Veggie Fest /Off Season

On the 5th of October I went to the Veggiefest in Solingen. My friend Björn Moschinski stayed at ours the evening before. My girlfriend and him cooked a pumpkin cream soup together. He just cannot stay away from the kitchen, eventhough we wanted to cook the soup on our own for them. haha
Anyways... on the veggiefest I got interviewed concerning veganism and endurance sports. I'also gave away some energyballs I have prepared the day before. Then I assisted Björn with his cooking show.
Did I say that 1200 people came out to Solingen for this Veggiefest? Amazing!
At the end of the fest the "Kochen ohne Knochen"-crew also took pics of my veggie-tattoos. One if it will be visible in the next issue of this nice magazine. Thanks to Uschi and Joachim for this nice fest! I will cerntainly come back next year! Here's a little report in german about the veggiefest.

Me assisting Björn (taken from "umsturzvegan")

Did I say it is "Off-Season"?
That means at this time of the year I just do whatever I feel like sportswise.
I even got tattooed and will get some more ink soon, so that alone restricts me.
But I found a way of swimming with a fresh tattoo:
Use fatty cream on the tattoo, foil it, drop in the wetsuit. My wetsuit (Tri11 Redair) is pretty tight so my tattoo did not get wet.

Training Oct. 17th-29th:
17th:  some excercises for power/stability, later some swimming but also teaching somebody to swim better
18th:  Flight to Barcelona--> no Training
19th:  Yoga and Ropeskipping in the morning, later running and excercises on the beach
20th:  Running and excercises on the beach
21st:  45 min swimming in old publicpool in Maragall, later running and climbing on Montserrat
22nd: 17 min swimming in the ocean, later running and excercises on the beach, the new tattoo
23rd:  no training, new tattoo hurts (kneetattoos are painful!)
24th:  75 min cycling on my fitnessbike back home
25th:  18 min yoga in the morning, later 1h swimming with wetsuit, then stretchyoga
26th:  75 min running incl. 4 short uphill sprints
27th:  ca. 75-80km cycling in ca. 3h
28th:  35 min Yoga (breathing and toning excercises)
29th:  2.6km swimming, somce cycling (ca. 15km)

Sonntag, 27. Oktober 2013

Herstblauf HTT 11/ Barcelona/ Energy balls

On the Day of German Unity I partook in a race in the town where I work. I had signed upfor 40 schoolkids to run there as well on the childrens course. We were happy about having won the cup for the school with most running kids and many of them ranked on one of the first places in the agegroup. Right after noon I myself was on the starting line to run the 10k race. After 4 min I was ahead of the rest of the runners and ran past the fronting mountainbike the rest of the race. I got in as first at 38:23, which is 1 minute faster than my last years result in this race. It was a perfect day!

German speaking people can click on here to find a newspaper report.

Here you can see me on the right side and on the pic in the middle are many of my kids form school.

So I am ought to put a recipe for energy balls online, so here is mine:
What you need:
-a bowl
-a handheld electric mixer

- dates/ figs (optional)/ dried gojiberries
- ground nuts/ almonds
- any plant milk (makes it easier to shred the dates/figs)
- agave syrup/mulberry syrup/whatever needed to make it sweet
- wheat germs/ flour (if the dough is too moist)/ protein powder (if balls are postworkout treat)
- maca powder
- linen seed/ chia seeds
- desiccated coconut

The base of my energy balls are usually the dates. They are quite hard to shred, so I use some milk (oat, soy, whatever).
So dates and some milk in the bowl first, add the figs and shred these first. Once you have some sort of dough you can just add all the other ingredients and use the mixer.
If the dough is too dry add more plant milk or just water (I once used peppermint water).
If the dough is too humid, use some flour (I use spelt wholegrain, because it taste a lot like nuts), soyflour or proteinpowder.

Once the texture seems good to form little balls, do that.
Put desiccated coconut in another bowl and put 1-3 balls inside this bowl with the desiccated coconut and and shake gently until the balls are completely covered.

Play around with the ingredients! I have once added sprouted germs, dried bananas, cacao, etc. Feel free to try, see what you like and what does you good, but go ahead and do it! It doesn't only taste good, it also does good to your body and feels great to eat completely handcrafted stuff that would cost so much a health food store.

I also went to my fave city again: Barcelona!
This time I made one another dream of mine come alive! I ran through the mountains near the monastery of Montserrat! For the first 725m we took the Aeri de Montserrat (cable car) together. While my girls took the cog railway to get higher in the mountains on the paths to the ermitages I just followed the little paths upwards. Amazing nature to be seen there.

Workout station on the beach
I love running in the cty as well. The beachside front is amazing to run. The little adults playground is nice to work out. I love running topless in October!!!

 This time I have also seen an amazing spot to run near the Zona Universitaria. It looked as if 500 sporty students went running there on a footpath next to a big avenue.
Reading a nice zine of a friend of mine on top of the one of the mountains

In front of the entrance to the Basilica St. Maria de Montserrat

In the Aeri de Montserrat

With my daughter in front of our new crib on Montserrat
One ermitage in the Montserratmountains

Of course I had to go swiming in the ocean, despite the high number of jellyfish. I didn't swim very long though.
Visiting the ruins of Ullastret (an Iberian settlement from pre-roman times)
First day in Sitges... only nice women around me :-)
Getting a mexican skull tattoed on my knee by my friend Joan Cinder. Contact him if you're in Barcelona and wanna get tattooed.
Above where the sun reflects in the water is Dalis house in Port Lligat, short visit on the last day

Another impression of Port Lligat, where Dali liked to live because it was pure! Sea, wild coast, poor fishermen, almost no stress. Perfect surrounding for a great artist.

No Müsli at home? Here is what I did!
Selfmade Müsli: apple, banana, wheat germs, flaxseeds, ground hazelnuts, gojiberries, macapowder, ginger, cinnamon, chiaseeds, oatflakes, a saladseeds mix (pine, pumpkin, sunlfower seeds), desiccated coco